Donald Trump

Name:Donald Trump


Total supply:771,946,061,400,000





Why trump2024?

Trump2024 is a unique project that harnesses the power of memes and the legacy of Donald Trump. We aim to disrupt the traditional financial system and create a community that celebrates resilience, ambition, and unapologetic confidence. Join us in embracing this movement and be part of a revolution in the crypto space. 


The Donald Trump serves as a reward for using the charging service on the Donald Trump platform.

The users can use every operator’s chargers just by registering in Donald Trump, the integrated platform. And by registering in Donald Trump, the charger owner can easily share own personal charger and get reward.



Token Sale, Donald Trump Platform Trial and Verification


Donald Trump applied to Electric Vehicle Manufacturers and Home-charger Sharing Businesses

Donald Trump applied to existing infrastructure

Donald Trump applied to new Electric Vehicle Charging infrastructure. Trials in Global market


V2B implemented, Electric Vehicle Power sale platform implemented

V2X implemented, Building Power supply and sale platform implemented

2021 Q1

Global Business(Southeast Asia) - Energy Retrofit Program

Demonstration Project with Domestic Vehicle manufacturer

Co-op with Domestic Financial company

2021 Q2

Blockchain Demonstration Project

Co-op with Domestic Capital company for electric charger rental

2021 Q3

Demonstration Project for Certificated Emissions Reduction(CER) in U.S

2021 Q4

Co-op with Domestic Financial company (additional)

2022 Q1

Launch an EV charging affiliate business [SANDBOX-related project]

Commercialize EV chargers for rentals

Start a Renewable 100% (RE100) EV charging business

Plan Drive to Earn NFTs

2022 Q2

Expand an EV charging business overseas

Expand an EV charging business partnering up with mobility companies

Expand the platform business for electric two-wheels, Urban Air Mobility (UAM)

Start an NFT-based business connected with EV driving data

Establish an Donald Trump Tech Lab

Launch Drive to Earn NFTs

Launch staking feature for Donald Trump

Recruit affiliates for Top-Up Electric Vehicle Points (EVPs)

2022 Q3

Start using Donald Trump for Donald Trump Platform

Blockchain Finance: Increase the number of EV charging affiliate partners

2022 Q4

Launch Wallet feature for EV charging

Launch a payment service associated with financial service institutions

Expand the EV charging affiliate business

Launch a service for Top-Up EVPs

2023 Q1

Launching Stacking Services

Rechargeable Airbnb P2P Service Launch

2023 Q2

Blockchain Charging Infrastructure Pilot Service

2023 Q3

Wallet service launched by overseas charging companies

2023 Q4

Released DAO commercialization of charging infrastructure


choi woong chul

John Anderson

Chief Strategy Officer

Develop and execute the project's overall strategic vision and roadmap. Identify market opportunities and potential partnerships to drive growth. Oversee the project's marketing and branding initiatives.

Kang Bum-su

Sarah Thompson

Lead Developer

Lead the development team in building and maintaining the project's blockchain infrastructure. Implement smart contract functionality and ensure the security and efficiency of the platform. Collaborate with external auditors to conduct regular code reviews and security assessments.


Emily Johnson

Community Manager

Engage with the project's community across various social media platforms and forums. Foster a positive and inclusive community environment, addressing concerns and providing support. Organize and execute community events, contests, and initiatives to drive engagement and awareness.